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Concert In The Rocks

Coming June 5th, 2021

Our concert might be a little different this year due to possible restrictions — but it will still be fabulous!

Tickets will go on sale soon.





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October 7th-10th 2021

For more than a century filmmakers have cast the Alabama Hills in hundreds of movies set in the Eastern Sierra Mountain region along U.S. Highway 395. The Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine, California is where your High Sierra adventure begins. Dedicated to chronicling western film history and its impact on American Culture, the Museum's 10,000 square feet exhibit a broad and diverse collection of western film memorabilia. Film programs, artifact preservation and exhibits, including interpretive projects and displays, provide narrative support for the movies, actors, directors, producers and most importantly, the landscapes that served as a canvas for their stories.

Lone Pine and Whitney Portal, in the shadow of Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental U.S. and the Eastern Sierra at 14,505 feet and the vast Horseshoe Meadow at 10,000 feet are your gateway to remarkable outdoor experiences for individuals and families that will be shared for a lifetime.

For Mountain climbers, Mt. Whitney and numerous other peaks challenge high peak adventure. The Alabama Hills provide diverse opportunities for bouldering, horse-back riding, mountain-biking, rock climbing and scrambling.

More moderate activities including bird watching, fishing, hiking, incredible photography options including seasonal wildflowers,geological formations and searching for the myriad of movie locations. New Off-Road adventure courses have been designated. Of course, for all, great camping in the Eastern Sierra landscape and under the magnificent Milky Way sky.

Highway 395. Your gateway to adventure begins in Lone Pine, CA and offers options to all compass points. A few of these include:

South to the Native Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns, The Olancha Sand Dunes and the Indian Wells Lava Flows and Fossil Falls.

East to the mining towns of Keeler and Darwin and on to Death Valley, with over three million acres of remarkable experiences including, Badwater, the lowest point of land in the USA. (282 feet below sea level)

North, outside of Big Pine is the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. At over 10,000 feet the remoteness and moonscape appearance gives the Patriarch Grove a surreal atmosphere. Self-guided trails through the bristlecone and limber pines against a dramatic background view of the Great Basin in Nevada is a lifetime memory. Also South-East of Big Pine are the Eureka Dunes, one of tallest sand dunes in America, over 700 feet in elevation.

West all along the route of Highway 395 are incredible views of the Eastern Sierra, hiking trailheads into wilderness heights and valleys and access to the Pacific Crest Trail.

Your appetite for adventure will be fueled by many choices. Restaurants along all of 395 offer varied menus of traditional fare and local tradition. Merchants offer all the varied services from auto to outdoor supplies. A wide range of motels and RV parks can accommodate individuals or large groups. The Museum also offers a Tesla Supercharging Station for the growing legion of Tesla owners.


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