To Our Guests & Sponsors... A VERY BIG "THANK YOU"
and to Rex Allen Jr. for an entertaining night and fond rememberances of his dad.

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Lone Ranger Canyon


Save_The_Date_72_dpi_4_x_6Saturday  June 1, 2013


Rex Allen Jr

Every June, the magnificent Lone Ranger Canyon is transformed into an incredible venue for hosting our annual June Concert in the Rocks. The evening begins with a welcoming reception in the museum for annual members. Then, members and other attendees are transported to the Alabama Hills for a country steak dinner that precedes the show. When the entertainment starts, the evening sky is displaying early stars and the setting sun’s shadows are long on the canyon floor as the discreetly hidden lights create unique and mysterious shadows on the canyon walls.
Collage_72_dpi_600_xThis year’s entertainment brings an old friend, Rex Allen Jr., back to Lone Pine. Blessed with a golden voice inherited from his father, singing cowboy legend Rex Allen, demonstrates a true dedication to his own music and career. Rex Jr. is the consummate Singer/Entertainer with over 50 hit songs, including “It’s Over”, “One Lonely Night”, and “Two Less Lonely People” among others. As a regular member of the cast of The Statler Brothers Show and its spinoff Yesteryear for its full eight year run on The Nashville Network, Rex Allen Jr. is truly a “Living Legacy” of Country and Western Music.



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“Just when you think you’ve done everything, you get invited to take Western Music to China!” says Rex, “ It will always be a feather in my cowboy hat to be the first performer ever allowed to sing on The Great Wall Of China. And now The Western Music Association is inducting me into their Hall Of Fame. What an honor!!” 2012 brought another honor to Rex when the State Of Arizona declared Rex’s song “I Love You Arizona” the official song of the Arizona centennial. “Another great honor” says Rex, “ My family is so proud, and I know my father would be busting his buttons!”

Visit Rex's website -  http://www.rexallenjr.com


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boot_ImageCocktail reception for Lone Pine Film History Museum Members 4:30

boot_ImageShuttle bus starts at 5.00 from the museum. (members and other attendees)

boot_ImageSit down dinner of Steak plus vegetarian option begins at 6:00

boot_ImagePay bar (wine, beer, sprits)

boot_ImageWater and soft drinks provided

boot_ImageConcert commences at dusk

boot_ImageReturn shuttle around 9:00 pm after the concert ends

per person

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A select number of tables are available with Premium Seating

Please call Museum to book (760-876-9909)

Table of  Eight - $800.00

Table of Ten - $1000.00

Please note; Concert Ticket purchases are FINAL. There are NO refunds

Last of The Silver Screen Cowboys

A sampling Of Rex Allen Jr.


History of Lone Ranger Canyon

While details differ, the basic story of the origin of the Lone Ranger is the same in most versions of the franchise. Six Texas Rangers are drawn into a remote canyon and ambushed by a band of outlaws led by Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish. All are left for dead.

Later, a young Indian named Tonto stumbles on the scene and recognizes the lone survivor, Ranger Reid (whose first name was never given), as the man who had saved his life at some time in the past. He nurses Reid back to health after digging six graves for Reid's comrades, so that Cavendish will think there were no survivors, forgetting that Cavendish thought he had killed seven men in that canyon, including the traitorous scout who led the Rangers into the trap. Among them is Reid's brother, Captain Daniel Reid, who is a Captain of the Texas Rangers. Tonto fashions a black Domino mask using material from Captain Reid's vest to conceal the Lone Ranger's identity. Even after the Cavendish gang is brought to justice, Reid continues to fight for law and order against evil and crime under the guise of the Lone Ranger.

Yes, Kimosabes, that ambush happened in The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California, in what is now called Lone Ranger Canyon. Each year, the Lone Pine community and Lone Pine Film History Museum pay tribute to the heritage of the canyon’s history by transforming the dramatic canyon into a magical entertainment venue under the Eastern Sierra stars.


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Our Emcee, Larry Maurice and

The Wonderful, Rex Allen Jr.

and to the many others in the community that contributed their time and support to ensure a great evening.