Singing Cowboy Mural


Around the campfire, the original cowboys sang of life on the trail with all the challenges, hardships, and dangers encountered while pushing cattle for miles up the trails and across the prairies. While much of what is included in the genre of "cowboy music" is "traditional," a number of songs have been written and made famous by groups like the Sons of the Pioneers and Riders in the Sky and individual performers such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Michael Martin Murphy, and other "singing cowboys." Singing in the wrangler style, these entertainers have served to preserve the cowboy as a unique American hero.

 The heritage of singing Cowboys and western music tradition is carried on today by the Western Music Association who foster the growth of the genre and artists throughout their chapters. The WMA's, annual convention on November recognizes the year's best in poetry and song. Click banner below to learn more. Join and subscribe to the WMA quarterly magazine to help in supporting the organization and it's artists.



The Western Music Association is an organization that encourages and supports the preservation, performance and composition of historic traditional and contemporary music and poetry of The West

The Western Music Association and its chapters foster the professional growth of individual performing members. Our open membership policy encourages western music performers and fans to join and participate in the organization. The WMA publishes the quarterly "Western Way", the only professional magazine dedicated to the promotion of Western Music. The WMA website provides a central focus for Western Music performers and links to their individual websites. Inclusion on the website is one of the membership benefits for performing members. The WMA Youth Chapter was started  to acquaint students with the musical heritage of the American West, from traditional trail songs, through the era of the movie cowboy, to contemporary western songwriting.