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Old RadioFor those "Senior" Western Fans out there, most cherish their memmories of sitting 'round the radio with family listening to The Lone Ranger, Death Valley Days, Gunsmoke, Cisco Kid or Frontier Fighters. Even today, these programs are sold on CD's bringin' heart warming memories to new audiences.

Today's digital world offers PODCASTS... but where are the Westerns?  Well, we are here to tell you their back! The Museum was delighted to have two young digital wonders, Sterling Anno and Kevin Manley, here for our recent 27th Lone Pine Film Festival. They had a chance to meet and interview an entire remuda of celebrities including William Wellman Jr., Ed Hulse, Patrine Mitchum, Melinda Carey, Larry Maurice, Dave Matuszak, Larry Floyd, Jim Clark, Holgar Reed, Ken Taylor and David Rothel. 

This new Millennial generation is a challenge for the Museum and the Film Festival as to introuducing the heritage of Western Film but after just four days here in Lone Pine I think we have found the right guys to help lead the digital posse.

Kevin Manley's desk it filled with electronics and his project notes as he goes about reporting on happenings in films - He is in his "element"!  In the 1930's he would be preparing for a Lone Ranger broadcast. Sterling Anno is just energy! He loves the movies and seeks to find the best behind the scenes stories that offer a unique perspective to the audience as he and Kevin prepare for their weekly podcasts, The Cut Speakuence,  now available on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio.

So, gather round the computer, put your boots up on the rail and take a listen to the interviews from "On Location in Lone Pine" as presented by the gang at The Cut Speakuence.

Lone Pine Film Festival Episode #2 
This week's On Location in Lone Pine at the Lone Pine Film Festival includes interviews with Melinda Carey and Petrine Day Mitchum, children of Western Film stars. Melinda being the grandaughter of silent film legend Harry Carey and Petrine the daughter of Robert Mitchum. Also on the show, we learn about the history of trains in cinema with Jim Clark, who has provided train cars to over 250 films....

To hear more from the On Location from Lone Pine series visit or subscribe on
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Lone Pine Film Festival Episode #1 
Introduction to Lone Pine; interview with Bob Sigman & Larry Maurice...
To hear more from the On Location from Lone Pine series visit or subscribe on
iTunes, SoundCloud, etc..


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