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    Tremors_ArtWhTremors_WWorm_300at is the greatest monster movie ever made? Let’s chuck out Jaws straight away – it isn’t so much a monster movie as a movie about terror. When we talk about monster movies we don’t mean intelligent, visceral examinations of things that can destroy us – we mean great, big, silly films where we see the monsters gambolling about in broad daylight, gleefully munching up extras. Where then to find the best? The 1950s, where fear of the Bomb gave us an entire generation of films in which radioactive beasties destroyed various cities? Perhaps the 1970s, where the success of Jaws led to a swathe of sharp-toothed imitators? No. While many of these films are genuine classics, the best example of a “killer B” film is a low budget horror-comedy gem named Tremors, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

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