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Randolph Scott

Randolph_ScottHandsome leading man who developed into one of Hollywood's greatest and most popular western stars. Born (January 23, 1898) to George and Lucy Crane Scott during a visit to Orange County, Virginia, Scott was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina in a wealthy family. He attended Georgia Institute of Technology but, after being injured playing football, transferred to the University of North Carolina, from which he graduated with a degree in textile engineering and manufacturing. He discovered acting and went to California, where he met Howard Hughes, who obtained an audition for him for Cecil B. DeMille's Dynamite (1929), a role which went instead to Joel McCrea. He was hired to coach Gary Cooper in a Virginia dialect for The Virginian (1929) and played a bit part in the film. Paramount scouts saw him in a play and offered him a contract.

Scott became a leading man in the mid-1930's with such movies as ''She,'' ''The Last Round-Up,'' ''The Last of the Mohicans,'' ''High, Wide and Handsome'' and ''Jesse James.'' He also appeared in such musicals as ''Roberta'' and ''Follow the Fleet,'' both with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, as well as in such screwball comedies as ''My Favorite Wife'' with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant.

He met Cary Grant, another Paramount contract player, on the set of Hot Saturday (1932) and immediately moved in together. Their on-and-off living arrangement would last until 1942. Scott married and divorced wealthy heiress Marion DuPont in the late 1930's. He moved into leading roles at Paramount, although his easy-going charm was not enough to indicate the tremendous success that would come to him later.Read more...

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    Randolph Scott Exhibit 1 h 200 72 dpi

    Randolph Scott (January 23, 1898 – March 2, 1987)  made 107 films as an actor. A good portion of them "Westerns," twelve of the which were made here in the Alabama Hills. Featured in our exhibit room are framed one- sheets of the twelve movies and many memorabilia items, some from the museum archives and a good portion on loan from Randolph Scott's daughter, Sandra. Sandra and her family attended the 2014 Film Festival, where she talked about her father's career in the movies and his very successful career as an oil business man. The Single Action Army Colt 45 guns on display were a gift from Justin Dart, of Dart Industries, who had considered buying Colt Manufacturing . While he did not buy the company, he did acquire a beautiful pair of guns for Scott. 

    The exhibit also includes a pair of Scott's cowboy boots, Hat, Golden Boot Award presented in 1974, lobby cards, articles, books, and letters from politicians. George Montgomery, actor and artist,  created a beautiful bronze whixh is also on display.

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