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Rocketship X-M

Rocketship X-M
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The 50th Anniversary Edition of Kurt Neumann's science fiction classic. Four men and a girl blast into space on mankind's first expedition to the Moon. But due to a cataclysmic event in space, their ship is sent hurling out of control towards the planet Mars. Suspenseful terror as the crew fights for their life on a war-ravaged world with radiation-riddled nightmare creatures! The climax makes this one of the most powerful and unforgettable science fiction movies ever made. "Rocketship X-M" was deftly brought to the screen by famed writer/director Kurt Neumann. Long considered the definitive space exploration film of the 50's, a genuine classic with a power that has spanned the decades.

Product Notes

Lloyd Bridges, Hugh O'Brian. Expedition Moon" is on course for the moon until it encounters a catastrophe that sends it to Mars instead! A landmark science-fiction adventure that was one of the first to depict space travel dramatically. 1950/b&w/77 min/NR/fullscreen.

Product Reviews

Together with The Steel Helmet and Baron of Arizona, Rocketship X M is one of the best films ever turned out by the usually unimpressive Lippert Studios. Set sometime in the future, the film details the first manned space flight to the moon. John Emery plays the head of the expedition, with Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen, Hugh O'Brian and Noah Beery Jr. in the crew. Blown off its course by a meteor shower, Rocketship X-M misses the moon and lands on Mars instead (the Mars scenes were originally tinted pink). During an exploratory expedition, the crew finds evidence of a once-mighty civilization, evidently destroyed by atomic warfare. A savage band of surviving Martians attack the earthlings, killing two and wounding a third. The survivors head back to the ship, but run out of fuel before reaching Earth. Out of this failure springs the hope that future space flights will prove successful. Generally avoiding cliches (except for the stereotypical comedy relief by Noah Beery Jr.), Rocketship X M is a reasonably intelligent outer-space yarn. While it's true that the film falters in the scientific-accuracy department, it is best to assess the film within the context of its times. Produced for $94,000, Rocketship X M reportedly grossed over a million dollars. A "restored" video version with new special effects was released in 1976 by entrepreneur Wade Williams. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


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