On Location - "Filming 2013"

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"On Location and In the Movies"

Beginning with The Round-up, a 1920 silent Western starring Fatty Arbuckle and continuing through Tarantino's pending release of Django Unchained and more recently, The Lone Ranger; Hollywood loves the Eastern Sierra. The Alabama Hills alone have appeared in over 400 movies and also served as northern India, the Gobi Desert, various parts of Arabia, and even Africa in two Tarzan Films. From Westerns to Sci-fi, here is the latest in film making in our area. Updates and information, unless noted otherwise, are reported by Chris Langley, Inyo County Film Commisoner.


October  23rd - On Saturday, Oct. 2oth, nearly 120 member  of thee cast and crew pf the Bishop made film, The Starvation Proclomation, screened a rough cut in the Musuem theater. Produced  by Jason and Tanya Crockett and Jesse Steel, the movie was filmed last summer at the Laws Museum. Chris Langley remembers his first conversation with Jason almost three years ago at a annual Inyo Associates meeting in Death Valley. The film is based on a Mark Twain story called "Cannabalism in the Cars" and amongst other things satirizes government bureaucratic processes and of course, human nature. Mad ewith all local talent behind and in front of the camera, the film is well  done and when final editing is done will be submitted to varius film festivals. To read more go to:  http://stainlessfilms.com/category/the-starvation-proclamation/



October 6th - Reported by Festival goers , over the Festival weekend, a science fiction film was being shot in at Meatloaf and Whitney Cave. A large crane and lighting balloon up created strange illumination on the rocks for Sunrise Tour fans. The film has the working title of  “Morga 7” and Chris thinks that the scene depicts an alien queen? Was she really in a human meat costume?  Where was the Mother ship?. Stay tuned for more on this one!

The Lone Ranger - Directed by Gore Verbinski; starring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and Tom Wilkinson. Release Date: July 2013

Chris reports that The Lone Ranger production team was here just before the Film Festival. Here is a picture of the set filmed out on the dry Owens Lake bed. The opening is scheduled for Summer 2013. Johnny Depp WAS NOT here. The scenes they shot were about Tonto’s experiences as a boy and iInvolved a tragedy that befell his small village of teepees.

Django Unchained  - Directred by Quentin Tarantino; Starring Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Release Date: December 25th, 2012

Quentin Tarantino filmed much of Django Unchained here around the Alabama Hills & Independence. He is a great fan of spaghetti westerns and Bill Whitney - using the original clapper board from the Lone Ranger to shoot much of his scenes here. He used the Film Museum’s theater to screen and share his love of old westerns with the rest of the crew. He has kindly donated the Dentist Wagon that Christophe Waltz drove in the film Django Unchained. It is recognizable by the Giant model of a tooth on the top. For more ...



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