History of Lone Pine & Area

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If you have a double heading.

This is related to articles that do not have a menu item.

Assign it to the category "articles without menu items"

Screen Shot 2016 04 10 at 9.52.12 AM


Then paste this ito your browser after the domain:


Like this



You need to change the article ID to the article ID of what you just created, this is shown on the article manger list and also as the last number in the URL when you are editing the article &id=x

where x=the article number

In the example above it is 2005, I've highlighted in Red.

This will prevent the double heading or unrelated heading.


Also it will provide you with URL management in SEF404.

You can click that component search for the article and change its URL if you need.

The URL is always pulled from the title.




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The Museum of Western Film History
701 S. Main Street
Lone Pine, CA 93545